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24,000 BTU30,000 BTU

3/8"-5/8" Mini Split Installation Kit Insulated Pre-Flared 16ft/25ft/50ft with Connection Wires

Works with most 24,000-36,000 BTU INDOOR Units. *Please ensure you have the correct diameter before purchasing! Installation Kit Contents: *Insulated Copper Tubes*Data Communication Wires *Wrapping Bands*Drain Hose*Sleeve Cover*PVC Wall Corner*Sealing Mud...
30,000 BTUSingle Zone Mini Splits

30,000 BTU 230V Sophia Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner WiFi Ready Heat Pump 18 SEER 2.5 TON + Installation Kit Option

* INSTALLATION KIT IS OPTIONAL FOR SINGLE ZONE SYSTEMS. WE OFFER 16FT, 25FT, AND 50FT INSTALLATION KITS With its high efficiency/high SEER compressor and auto-swing louvers, this newest model Cooper...